Single ‘Slight Whining (Fast)’ by Finnish afro funk band The Blassics

Apr 25th, 2022

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Single ‘Slight Whining (Fast)’ by Finnish afro funk band The Blassics

The latest single to be lifted from Golden Rules‘ upcoming compilation The Originals 2 is “Slight Whining (Fast)” by the most prominent Finnish-afro-funk-jazz collective The Blassics and it’s an afro funk monster in the stylings of The Budos Band.

It started as a production duo by two funk aficionados. Juha Sarkkola and Tuure Tammi primarily draw their inspiration from record collecting, deejaying and jamming. The Blassics have grown during the past years to be one of the most prominent Finnish-afro-funk-jazz collectives. The fellas are running their own record label and analogue studio Odd Funk Records in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Their music cherishes the roots of deep and spacey funk, afro and jazz with Arctic seasoning and crispy tape sound. This band is on the raise and brings the right feelings to tape.

“Slight Whining (Fast)” out digitally on April 22nd 2022 via Golden Rules