Second single ‘Tangerine’ from German band OLUMA’s debut album

Feb 19th, 2024

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Second single ‘Tangerine’ from German band OLUMA’s debut album

“Tangerine” is the second single extracted from upcoming album Cooking Time, the official full-length debut of German afro-groove outfit OLUMA. This tune has a mellow vibe and evokes an epic mood that is reminiscent of the UK jazz scene. Beautiful harmonies emerge from the brass section, a rhodes solo appears with delightful melodies that take you on a meaningful journey, carried by a grounded and groovy beat.

OLUMA is a nine-piece band, founded by Gregor Nicolai and André van der Heide, who share a common passion for danceable music. Afrobeat, jazz, funk and Brazilian influences flow together and form their musical environment. Carried by the rhythm section, the four wind players create a versatile sound, often virtuoso snappy lines, sometimes floating and free. Driving rhythms unfold and make you move – it’s all about the experience with each other.

 “Tangerine” out via digital download on February 16th via One World Records