Second single ‘Muusika’ by Estonian band Haldi & ans Flamingo

Jun 10th, 2024

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Second single ‘Muusika’ by Estonian band Haldi & ans Flamingo

“Muusika” is the second single from upcoming EP Õige Aeg by the latest Funk Embassy Records signee Haldi & ans Flamingo. It’s a fast track to joyous disco heaven, the aesthetic of the song might just be the kind of exotica that is unique to Estonia. Among the most difficult and rare in the world, the Estonian language is thought to be especially beautiful for singing. We believe this to be on display in “Muusika”.

Haldi & ans Flamingo take the groove that was once locked behind the Iron Curtain and give it a new life. With artists’ creations and dance floors unmonitored, the 10-piece can make you dance without the fear that your car-buying privileges are taken away when caught. While young, Haldi is well-aware of how it was, when soul, funk and disco started creeping into the estrada music of Estonia’s 1970.-1980s. She believes the style deserves a second chance.

Songwriting duties are filled by Haldi herself as well as bassist-producer Mattias Tirmaste. Excellent sensibility is needed to do something authentic in the funk-soul-disco-jazz styles. A lot of it has been done. Since Haldi is a scholar of Estonian female artists like Marju Kuut, Els Himma and Velly Joonas – she has got the right recipe. So, Haldi & ans flamingo deliver something for the fans of Funk Embassy‘s Groove of ESSR compilation series. It’s an extension of Estonian Soviet era into the free world where a woman can sing about sex and love.

“Muusika” out digitally on June 10th 2024 via Funk Embassy Records