Gecko Turner

What they say…

“Gecko Turner is your tour guide through this jungle of musicality and you’re in damn good hands!”




Gecko Turner (born Fernando Gabriel Echave Pelaez in 1966) is a Spanish musician and singer-songwriter whose sound throughout the years has embraced bossa nova, soul, funk, afro, reggae, jazz, samba, hip hop and electronica. Based near the border between Spain and Portugal, he has fronted several bands in his native country.

Turner grew up in Spain’s Extremadura region, learning English from the blues artists he loved. Having taught himself to play the guitar in his teens, Gecko Turner discovered jazz, finding a special affinity for the Afro-Cuban sounds of Dizzy Gillespie. He hitched all over Spain to follow Gillespie on tour, listening to bebop and reading Jack Kerouac. But he also soaked up London’s jazz scene and incorporated numerous styles such as Afro-beat, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms during his decades-long musical journey, creating a hybrid that was all his own and that journalists in Spain dubbed ‘Afromeño’.

During the last few years, Gecko Turner‘s songs have been included in over 70 compilations released all over the world, and have been used in several TV commercials and films. Also, his work as a producer led him to collaborate with such artists as Californian jazz and blues singer Brenda Boykin, and (recently deceased) flamenco singer Fernando Terremoto, recording for both of their albums; “Chocolate and Chili”, and “Terremoto”.

All of Gecko Turner‘s work has been published by Lovemonk Records, in cd or vinyl, from his 2003 breakthrough debut “Guadapasea!”, to his follow-up “Chandalismo Ilustrado” in 2006, “Manipulado” in 2008, “Gone Down South” in 2010 and highly acclaimed “That Place, By The Thing With The Cool Name” in 2015. In 2018 Turner and Lovemonk prepare to launch the artist’s latest album “Soniquete”, a collection of his greatest hits, previously unreleased gems and new songs, slated for release in the Fall, and anticipated by a radio-friendly edit of single Un Limon En La Cabeza.


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