‘Night Sweats’, the third single by Danish afro-funk outfit Sunbörn

Feb 13th, 2023

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‘Night Sweats’, the third single by Danish afro-funk outfit Sunbörn

Six-piece Danish afro-funk outfit Sunbörn, formerly known as The Kutimangoes, release the third single from their upcoming new album, in the form of heavy-hitting afro-funk instrumental “Night Sweats”.

Usually, Sunbörn‘s horn melodies develop during the songs, keeping the groove steady, but this time they wanted to turn things upside down. So while the horn riff stubbornly stays the same like a synth riff in an EDM track, everything around it shifts and develops. Rhythmic variations, polyrhythms and a wealth of guitar and synth parts add complexity and intensity until the track explodes in an irresistible disco feeling. Coming together through music is one of Sunbörn‘s credos, and on “Night Sweats” they want to get the listener moving and grooving, whether they’re listening at home or out on the dance floor.

The Kutimangoes changed their name to Sunbörn with the idea of conquering the world music scene – all over the world – for real. Their first album under their new moniker will be the self-titled Sunbörn released on Tramp Records in April 2023.

“Night Sweats” out digitally on February 10th 2023 via Tramp Records