New video and single ‘Be Good’ by Estonian singer Sofia Rubina

Jan 16th, 2024

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New video and single ‘Be Good’ by Estonian singer Sofia Rubina

Leading Estonian jazz singer Sofia Rubina is proud to release new single “Be Good”, her application as part of the Estonian national selection of  the 2024 Eurovision song contest.

“Be Good” is a song based on gender equality and self-love, reminding us that once we truly accept ourselves we can share and accept love on a deeper level. Musically it was inspired by soul music of the 60s from artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes & James Brown, while also adding a sprinkle of glittery disco to the procution.

Sofia Rubina is well recognized in Estonia since being awarded Best Jazz Album of the Year from the Estonian Music Awards in 2016 for In The Land of Oo-Bla-Dee as released through Dreams of Tomorrow production. Aside from collaborating with notable musicians and big bands such as Estonian Dream Big Band, Kaunas Big Band, Latvian Radio Big Band and several other orchestras, Sofia has also collaborated with many notable composers including Latvia’s Raimond Pauls and American trumpeter, Phillip Lassiter as well as numerous DJs such as Federico d’Allessio, Mark Di Meo, Eric Kupper, Richie Jones and duo Rulers Of The Deep.

As well as being a much-loved jazz singer within Estonia, Sofia has performed internationally in the USA, Panama, Italy, Spain, the UK, Germany, Austria, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Faroe Islands, China, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

The main theme of Rubina‘s art is unbridled optimism, which is not always easy to come by in a complicated world, as also outlined in her latest album I Am Soul released in December 2023.

“Be Good” out Digitally on January 19th via Dreams Of Tomorrow Production