New single ‘This Time’ from Smoove & Turrell’s upcoming album

May 22nd, 2020

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New single ‘This Time’ from Smoove & Turrell’s upcoming album

Smoove & Turrell‘s upcoming new album “Stratos Bleu” marks a sea change as the Geordie soul band shift into the more electronic territories that they have previously only briefly indulged in. And new track “This Time” is the epitome of this new approach with main keys man, Mike Porter‘s enormous synth collection gets dusted off to help create a sound that emanates early 90’s dancefloor nostalgia.

Vocalist John Turrell‘s voice is as usual a wonderful centerpiece for the crew to work around, and they sure know how to frame it… Uplifting melodies, driving four to floor beats, and a deliciously funk-infused bass all contribute to the euphoria, which the production mastermind of the crew – Smoove, has then meticulously polished to help this track shine in it’s full glory. Add to that a humorous video created during lockdown and you have yourself a tasty morsel indeed!

“This Time” out via Digital download on May 22th on Jalapeno Records