New bilingual soulful hip hop track by India-US duo Finite Galaxy

Feb 10th, 2023

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New bilingual soulful hip hop track by India-US duo Finite Galaxy

“You Are The One feat. Sean Bingham” is the new soulful hip hop track by Finite Galaxy, an Oklahoma-based bilingual rap duo formed in 2020 and overflowing with originality. Sun Deep, who was born in India and moved to the US in 2006, raps in Hindi and produces the majority of the duo’s beats. Flo St8, born in Indiana, raps in English. Sun Deep has produced for a variety of local talent, and his unorthodox production style is a multilayered, intergalactic blend of lo-fi, hip-hop, and transient sounds.

“You Are The One”, a soulful song about finding love, is driven by a seductive rhythm section you’ll groove with on the dance floor. Sundeep and Flo St8 bring the love stories, while guest singer Sean Bingham ignites the song with his silky vocals and mellow harmonies which give way to horns and sultry sitar.

Flo St8 expands upon the idea of divine soul connection with lines such as “Shiva and Shakti making cosmic movement in unison” and Sun Deep explores themes of finding the right person for life’s journey in lines such as “Jo khoya hai uska gum na hota, aur jo aane wala hai uska bhram na hota (I don’t feel sad about the past, and I have no illusions about the future when I am with you)”.

In this song, Finite Galaxy remind us that being connected to the world around us also means being connected to one another. And with the slow, mellow, melodic vibe of “You Are The One”, you are brought right into an atmospheric trance.

‘You Are The One’ out digitally on February 10th via Melting Thought Collective