Mystery LA-based band Sun Atlas releases ‘Message From The Snakes’

Mar 21st, 2024

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Mystery LA-based band Sun Atlas releases ‘Message From The Snakes’

Welcome to the cosmic aesthetic of mystery LA-based collective Sun Atlas and their second single “Message From The Snakes”. Let your mind strive through mystic desert drums with a breathtaking ethno jazz brass section woven into the spirit of a snake dance for another tribal universe experience.

The sound of Sun Atlas is mystical and cosmopolitan, combining afrobeat, cinematic soul, spiritual & ethno jazz with cosmic sounds, hiphop-breaks and a garage funk vibe.

Their cryptic first 45 single “The Mystic Parade” b/w “Grand Theft” sold out immediately after release and has often been mistaken for either ‘lost’ hiphop samples, 70s habibi funk or another project in disguise from the inner circles of the Mocambo, Big Crown or Daptone families (which it is not).

“Message From The Snakes” is the second single extracted from Sun Atlas’ debut album Return To The Spirit, scheduled for release on May 3rd 2024 on LP / Digital via Mocambo Records.

“Message From The Snakes” out Digitally on March 21st 2024 via Mocambo