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London-based keyboardist and producer Claudio Corona releases his debut full-length Imagination Unlimited on Vintage League Music, with 10 original compositions ranging from classic 70s Hammond funk to cinematic grooves, blending a retro sound with a modern sensibility.


ARTIST: Claudio Corona

TITLE: Imagination Unlimited

LABEL: Vintage League Music

RELEASE DATE: May 17th 2024

FORMAT: CD / Digital


GENRE: Hammond funk / cinematic groove

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London-based keyboardist and producer Claudio Corona‘s debut full-length Imagination Unlimited is entirely written, arranged and mixed by Claudio in his Retrofonica studio and mastered by producer Alan Evans, best known as being the co-founder of legendary US soul-funk band Soulive. The album features Evans, Grammy-nominated American drummer Adam Deitch of funk band Lettuce and top musicians from UK and Europe.

Imagination Unlimited is a journey from classic 70s funk to cinematic grooves, blending a retro sound with a modern sensibility. It showcases strong performances, powerful arrangements, catchy riffs, evocative melodies, and elements of modern sound design. The album’s amalgam of funk, jazz, rock, and cinematic grooves moves gracefully between genres, showcasing fabulous musicians and at times exploring genre-defying compositions with expansive improvisations atop a relentless groove.

Claudio’s distinctive signature Hammond Organ is always the core that glues everything together, displaying an unconditional love for legends such as Jack McDuff, John Medeski, Jon Lord, and wanting to explore further that fabulous stream of Hammond Organ infused music.

The first tune of the album, “Burn The House Down”, is an infectious 70s Hammond-funk groove where Claudio’s powerful performance meets Adam Deitch’s superb drumming. The distinctive signature Hammond organ solo conjures thoughts of Deep Purple’s keyboardist Jon Lord while Claudio’s left-hand bass and Deitch’s drums are a relentless funky force. Subtle elements of sound design add a modern sensibility to the tune.

“Hittin’ The Strip” is an up-tempo head-bopping classic funk cut and “Bitter Honey” is a groovy track with a Medeski, Martin and Wood inspired Hammond performance. The tune features UK-based guitarist Paul Garner showcasing an epic guitar solo. While “Top Hat” is a powerful uptempo groove where echoes of bands such as Tower of Power and Lettuce are fused with cinematic melodies. The tune features established British jazz flautist Gareth Lockrane with a superbly crafted solo.

“Glamourpuss” is an exquisite in the pocket groove that transports the listener from late 70s funk vibes to cinematic groove ambiences. Evans’ drumming and a pumping bass line set up a relentless funky force. Claudio’s addition of monophonic synths, on top of his fleet of vintage keys, brings echoes of Stevie Wonder’s sound while guitar motifs and rhythms take the tune into a cinematic groove journey.

“Devil’s Saddle” is a funky raw tune with a call-and-response part between Hammond organ and Wurlitzer piano whereas “Rattlesnake” is a fast high octane two-minute funk cut. “Siren’s Call” is a cinematic disco groove that displays powerful arrangements and evocative melodies, echoing Italian 70s movies’ soundtracks with its use of ethereal vocals. And “Canaveral Moonstop” is a gritty Hammond organ track where funk, jazz and elements of sound design convey an obscure and moody atmosphere.

Titletrack “Imagination Unlimited” is a visionary composition where Claudio experiments with 50s American advertising vocal samples, alongside an ethereally beautiful female vocal-led chorus, all atop a relentlessly funky groove. Keyboard textures find their own space over a psychedelic arrangement that culminates in a catchy ‘singalong’ chorus.