Go.Soul.Map. releases nu disco 45 ‘Right Of Me feat. Derane Obika’

Jan 19th, 2024

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Go.Soul.Map. releases nu disco 45 ‘Right Of Me feat. Derane Obika’

Behind the alias Go.Soul.Map. lies Salvo ‘Dub’ Bruno, one of the purest and most authentic talents of the contemporary music scene in Sicily, Italy. His debut album Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds is scheduled for release on February 23rd 2024 via Space Echo Records, anticipated by first single and 45 Pushing” / “Back In The Underwater (instrumental)”, and new second single and 45 “Right Of Me feat. Derane Obika”.

Go.Soul.Map. is an artist going through an exceptionally creative phase, a hothouse of sparkling ideas that flow out in continuous streams like the lava of the Etna volcano in his native Catania, in its full eruptive activity.

As with the first single, “Right Of Me” is a soulful nu-disco number with rich keys, found here in its radio version and dance version, of which the latter is on the album. Salvo is particularly proud of this tune, which is certainly the strongest track on the whole full-length, and by no coincidence was chosen as the main single. The refined performance and vocals of London-based singer of Nigerian origin Derane Obika complete the song, with lyrics that explore the relationship with one’s self and faith.

In a world where artificial intelligence numbs our creativity, there is no shortage of inspiration here, and Go.Soul.Map. remains firmly anchored to his roots, ignoring passing fads to operate in a space of pure simplicity and creative essence alongside friend Derane Obika.

“Right Of Me” out on 45 / Digital download on January 19th 2023 via Space Echo