German afro groove outfit OLUMA releases single ‘Felantropique’

Jan 26th, 2024

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German afro groove outfit OLUMA releases single ‘Felantropique’

“Felantropique” is the first single extracted from upcoming album Cooking Time, the official full-length debut of German afro-groove outfit OLUMA, and this track is clearly a tribute to Fela Kuti‘s music, mixed with some tropical flavor! The groove is reminiscent of the old days, but the banging brass riffs and keyboard fills bring it straight into the current club culture.

OLUMA is a nine-piece band, founded by Gregor Nicolai and André van der Heide, who share a common passion for danceable music. Afrobeat, jazz, funk and Brazilian influences flow together and form their musical environment. Carried by the rhythm section, the four wind players create a versatile sound, often virtuoso snappy lines, sometimes floating and free. Driving rhythms unfold and make you move – it’s all about the experience with each other.

 “Felantropique” out via digital download on January 26th via One World Records