Finnish raw funk band Chicken Grass release new 45 double-sider

Mar 21st, 2021

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Finnish raw funk band Chicken Grass release new 45 double-sider

More than two decades ago, a group of musicians met in a small, cold town in Northern Finland. Their goal was to combine their wild ideas and passion for funk & soul music. That laid the foundation of a band called Chicken Grass!

Combining their decades’-worth of experience with the drive and passion for rhythmic northern influences and New Orleans inspired funk, Chicken Grass from the city of Oulu guarantees nothing less than music with huge international potential.

“Snakebites” is indeed a magnificent feel-good funky soul tune. Responsible for the positive vibes is not only the rhythm section but the fantabolous, YouTube singing sensation Princess Shaw on vocals. “Trading Bullets” is slower but not less catchy. Call it ‘swamp soul’ if you want to make a New Orleans connection.

Chicken Grass has recorded dozens of songs over the past 20 years which sound more appealing and fresher than ever in today’s fast paced, ever changing music industry. “We are making an album for the lovers of funk soul jazz not only in Finland, but worldwide. The audience is always looking for new interesting melodies and lyrics, and we wish to expand our fanbase internationally with a quality album and concert performances”. That’s indeed a positive outlook so people out there, lend us your ear, this is Chicken Grass’ debut 45 on Tramp Records, Germany!

“Snakebites” out on 45 / Digital on March 19th via Tramp Records