Alex Puddu – Deliria promo page

Italy-born but Denmark-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Alex Puddu takes it back to his roots in new album Deliria, which blends erotic disco, soulful Italian grooves of the late 70s / early 80s, indie pop and electronica, and is entirely sung in Italian.


ARTIST: Alex Puddu

TITLE: Deliria

LABEL: Al Dente Music

RELEASE DATE: September 16th 2024

FORMAT: LP / Digital


GENRE: erotic disco / italo groove

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Italy-born but Denmark-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Alex Puddu needs no introduction. With over 16 releases under his belt and collaborations with artists such as Edda Dell’Orso (legendary vocalist of maestro Ennio Morricone), Joe Bataan and Lonnie Jordan of War, it’s clear Puddu has carved out a significant spot for himself in the contemporary grooves scene.

Having founded his own label, Al Dente, the time is ripe for a new full-length, and this time Alex is taking it back to his roots, with an album sung in Italian, called Deliria, and scheduled for release on September 16th 2024. The new full-length blends soulful disco, Italian grooves of the late 70s / early 80s, indie pop and electronica, and will appeal to fans of contemporary Italian acts such as Nu Genea, Pellegrino, or Viscardi & Il Duo Magnetico.

Album opener “Oriental Blue” immediately sets things in motion with a catchy earworm melody on top of an uptempo disco beat, reminiscent of Modjo’s hit “Lady” or of Jamiroquai’s classic “Cosmic Girl”. The tempo slightly slows down for “Texas Blonde” a laidback number with a classic 80s boogie vibe and funky bassline, and for “Liquore Alla Menta”, a lazy, summery groove with soulful synths and indie-pop inflections.

“Il Cinema” draws inspiration from a classic Italian songwriting duo: Lucio Battisti and Mogol, responsible for some of the most iconic melodies of Italian pop music in the 80s. While “Pullover Grigio” has a yacht soul / AOR flavor with its slow-stepping groove and breathy vocals from Alex.

“Champagne E Giochi Di Coppia” is another fast and sexy nu disco gem, in which Alex ironically describes the story of a swinging couple and how a married woman leaves her number written on another man’s lips with her lipstick and then leaves the party.

“Amori In Svezia” is a midtempo number with a smooth arrangement, wah wah guitar, and melodic topline, while “Velluto Nero” makes things irie with its reggae beat, killer bassline and female backing vocals, inspired by Serge Gainsbourg’s classic “Lola Rastaquouere”.

“Manette E Fruste” blends new-wave and synth-boogie, and displays a hypnotizing bassline, electric guitar feedback and an 808 drum machine beat. And the full-length closes with “L’Inverno”, a beautiful midtempo soul ballad with an r&b feeling.

Deliria is sensual, sexy, definitely adult-oriented, and shows Alex Puddu in top form as he blends various retro inspirations to create a sonic tapestry that can only be described as ‘erotic disco’. Harking back to a time in Italy when telephone booths, Brooklyn chewing gum and playback music shows on TV ruled supreme, this album will take listeners on a trip down memory lane, between fantasy and reality.