Debut album ‘Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds’ by Go.Soul.Map.

Feb 23rd, 2024

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Debut album ‘Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds’ by Go.Soul.Map.

The debut album by Sicilian musician and producer Go.Soul.Map. aka Salvo ‘Dub’ Bruno is a little gem sitting at the intersection between pop, soul and disco, while blurring the lines between mainstream and underground. Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds is a sexy and pensive nocturnal journey in thirteen songs, moving between soft bass, spacey synths and smooth production, with the voice of London-based singer of Nigerian origin Derane Obika of Living Sounds featuring on 9 of the 12 tracks.

Derane and Salvo came together by chance and were inspired to make an album that struck a balance between lyrics, melodies and mood, something that truly ‘spoke to the heart’. The result is Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds, a record with a pop sensibility and soulful sounds, about the need to find one’s peace, while painting a picture of the fall, not the landing. Almost like a form of therapy through music, with songs immersed in longing.

There’s a stillness full of anticipation in the smooth sounds of “Fall Into The Flame”, while “I Am Believe” weaves a mysterious tapestry via its moody piano. In “Hold The Line” trip hop is blurred with retro atmospheres reminiscent of someone like Curtis Harding, while “Don’t You Worry” traces a direct line between neo-soul and downtempo.

“Pushing” was the first single extracted from the album and displays a space disco cadence that is even more pronounced in the lunar expedition sound of “Watergate”, which sees Italian singer Manuela Amalfitano taking over vocal duties. Another guest is Reiwa Pia on the exotic visions of “Back In Underwater” which is positioned somewhere between the stardust of Air and the innocence of Plone.

“Cat With Camera” is the only instrumental track and displays a generous dose of cinematic sounds blended with strokes of psychedelia and jazzy inflections, while “Are You Ready” is an intoxicating slice of urban soul. Second single and focus track “Right Of Me” is an uptempo disco-funk number and comes in a radio version and one intended for the grooviest dancefloors of the galaxy.

Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds is an album that redefines the standards of pop today and is indicative of the direction that Italian label Space Echo is currently exploring. The selection of songs was made to inspire listeners with deep thoughts, while the lyrics and melodies speak to their emotions.

‘Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds’ out on LP / Digital download on Feb 23rd 2023 via Space Echo