Brand new video to first single ‘Sweet Memories’ by Gizelle Smith

Jan 30th, 2018

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Brand new video to first single ‘Sweet Memories’ by Gizelle Smith

In anticipation of her upcoming album “Ruthless Day” scheduled for release on March 30th via Jalapeno Records, soul queen Gizelle Smith unveils the new music video to first single “Sweet Memories”, which came out on December 1st as the A-side of double-sider 45 Sweet Memories” / “S.T.A.Y. feat. Eric Boss.

Gizelle explains that the song is “…about someone who had a romantic encounter with someone they shouldn’t have done and they are constantly distracted by thoughts of that. It’s not a love song and it’s not about heartbreak – even though first impressions may have you thinking that way. It’s more a lust song and the frustrations of recurring thoughts about someone you can’t have. The video basically illustrates these emotions. The running and boxing scenes represent the frustration and battling with thoughts, with a subtle hint that the boxing coach is the subject of the song“.

Soul-kissed, funk-rock fusion “Sweet Memories” anticipates Gizelle Smith‘s upcoming album “Ruthless Day” which is available for pre-order here and will be available on CD, Lp and Digital on March 30th.

“Sweet Memories” / “S.T.A.Y” out on 45/Digital via Jalapeno Records