Alpacas Collective – Big Words promo page

Belgian 11-piece global groove ensemble Alpacas Collective releases second album Big Words, taking the listener on a journey through afrobeat, deep funk, hindustani raga mixed with psycho-dub and creole rap on 7 original compositions that further expand their musical landscape.


ARTIST: Alpacas Collective

TITLE: Big Words

LABEL: Catalpa Records

RELEASE DATE: November 11th 2023

FORMAT: LP / CD / Digital


GENRE: afrobeat / funk / global groove

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A year on from their debut album Seven Wisdoms of Plutonia, Belgian global groove collective Alpacas Collective once again invite you on an enchanting musical trip for the second collection of Alpacas tunes! From of the adventurous spaces of Plutonia, from where Alpacas Collective emerged, this gang of fanatic music lovers continue their exploration of new places with new friends on second album Big Words.

Big Words takes the listener on a journey of discovery through a world of afrobeat, deep funk, hindustani raga mixed with psycho-dub and creole rap. Studio magic is once again conjured up by percussionist, composer and producer Frederik Kühn, with the creative contributions and improvisations of befriended artists, doing their signature tricks.

Thanks to these new collective collaborations, this record breathes creative freedom and the pure joy of creating together; But it is also a musical form of resistance, against the downgrading of morality and consciousness, against one-sided thinking, against the curtailment of liberty and justice, against the destruction of the environment.

On title track “Big Words” the collective pays homage to the late great Fela Kuti, with a political afrobeat song, dissing politicians’ hollow speech. While on “Movéfèzè” – creole for villains – rapper Nèg Madnick denounces the rich plantation owners who have poisoned his beautiful Caribbean island Martinique with toxic pesticides.

“Boyoma” has an irresistible African funk-groove helped by multi-talented West-African griot Zouratié Koné on his sparkling ngoni, and “What Could I Do” is propelled by joyful horns, pumping organs and jazzy flutes.

Both “Bhimpalasi” and “Gunkali” see Joël on his bewitching sitar, giving the album a spiritual Indian touch without forgetting the hips, heart and belly. And the mesmerizing “Surrounded” sounds like the soundtrack for a musical and cinematographic wandering from the East to the West, the ever expanding journey of Alpacas Collective