Barcelona-based duo Freedust releases debut album ‘Take Me There’

Jul 8th, 2022

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Barcelona-based duo Freedust releases debut album ‘Take Me There’

Following a challenging two years of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Barcelona-based duo Freedust release debut album Take Me There, a breath of fresh air, jam-packed full of upbeat, inspiring tunes to remind listeners of the beauty of collaboration and unity.

The 7-track album (plus 7 instrumentals) starts off strong with “Beleedat”, which features Puerto Rico-based rapper Bardo in a unique blend of hip hop, funk, and cutting-edge production.

It’s a premonition of what will come next in the album, where songs jump from alternative pop to neo-soul with the title track “Take Me There” that features the silky, elegant voice of Barcelona-based Peruvian singer Saphie Wells. “Take Me There” is a timeless and eclectic song that beautifully merges minimal analog synths with epic orchestral elements, and tribal latin percussions with unexpected jazz chord progressions.

“Elevate” opens with break-beat drums and a groovy double bass line, featuring Lady Gaga-esque vocals inspired by Chaka Khan’s “Like Sugar”. In “Fast Life” American singer Dorothyk sarcastically describes the materialistic world we live in. The dreamy atmosphere gets underlined by vintage sounding live strings and background choirs.

The album concludes with the timeless, jazzy final piece “Something New” featuring American R&B singer Antonia Marquee.

A unique fusion of genres ranging from funk-soul to breaks and electronic is Freedust: blended jazzy pop layered with loose, lighthearted vocals to create a synthesis of sound as classic as it is new. Initially founded by dynamic Italian composer Daniele Carmosino and Swedish singer Lisa Widmark, the project has gone on to feature a number of accomplished artists around the globe. Freedust creates feel-good melodies, irresistibly bouncy beats, and a raw, soulful musical energy with a vintage vibe.

‘Take Me There’ out digitally on July 8th 2022 via Danca Records