Ae3 unleashes soulful funk with new single ‘Gimme Some Momo’

Jul 13th, 2023

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Ae3 unleashes soulful funk with new single ‘Gimme Some Momo’

Following the tremendous success of their critically acclaimed album Elephant Head from 2021, soul-funk organ trio Alan Evans Trio is back with the electrifying new single, “Gimme Some Momo”.

Comprising the extraordinary talents of Alan Evans (Soulive), Johnny Trama (Betty Levette / B3 Kings), and Kris Yunker (On The Spot Trio), Alan Evans Trio has captivated audiences worldwide with their soulful and infectious music.

“Gimme Some Momo” is a mesmerizing instrumental soul-funk track that effortlessly weaves an irresistible groove and unforgettable hooks. Showcasing the virtuosity of all three band members, the single embodies the essence of their musical prowess.

Producer extraordinaire Alan Evans takes the helm once again, infusing the single with a modern twist on a vintage vibe. His meticulous attention to detail ensures a sonic experience that is simply astounding.

What sets Alan Evans Trio apart is the undeniable chemistry between its three members. While finding three talented musicians may seem like an easy task, discovering seasoned artists who can make a trio sound like a band twice their size is truly extraordinary. Alan Evans Trio is precisely that—a powerhouse soul organ trio that defies expectations.

Individually and collectively, Evans, Trama and Yunker have toured the globe, sharing their soulful music with a captivated audience. Each member is a true artist, possessing a bold and confident voice. When combined, they create a massive sound that is undeniably their own.

With “Gimme Some Momo”” Alan Evans Trio once again demonstrates why they are at the forefront of the soul-funk genre. Their distinct blend of timeless music and contemporary sensibilities is guaranteed to leave listeners craving more.

“Gimme Some Momo” out digitally on July 14th 2023 via Vintage League