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Representing Seattle funk, The Oscillators’ debut, self-titled album is deep, raw and energetic. Led by drummer Olli Klomp, the lineup features members of The Polyrhythmics, Rippin’ Chicken, The Pulsations, Lucky Brown, The Trueloves, 45th Street Brass, The S.G.’s, and more…

ARTIST: The Oscillators

TITLE: The Oscillators

LABEL: Tramp Records

RELEASE DATE: June 30th 2023

FORMAT: LP / Digital


GENRE: raw funk / deep funk

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Real, deep funk with an edge, that’s the best way to describe The Oscillators‘ brand new self-titled album on Tramp Records, home of some of the finest undiscovered gems. More than a band, The Oscillators is an experimental recording collaboration that turned out swimmingly.

Our gauge was this: “Do we like it?” No agenda or goal. The main mode being simply; create what we like out of thin air. Yet the air was heavy therefore create what we like out of thick air. Magical, gravy-thick air. Molecules, olli’cules. Alchemically thick. Apparently, we needed to sample something out-of-the-ordinary… the process is called, “stackin- phat”. Minimal gear, maximum vibe. In fact, this process and this gear would make most educated sound engineers cringe, but the players know.

Pushing the tape…yes, tape! 4 track to be exact, pushing the tape to it’s edge. First, stack two drum tracks. bounce them to one primal track. Sometimes one drummer, sometimes two; “a great drumbeat already contains melody.” This is your first layer of phat. Generally, unless the muse says otherwise, you wanna bring in your bass player next, gently caress guidance and encouragement (maybe a beer or a hit a grass), then he or she can stack the next layer of phat. The next few layers are where things really take off. Maybe it’s guitar then horns, maybe keys. Maybe just horns. Whatever the tune calls for. Whatever the muse “calls” for. Everyone stacking is simultaneously inspired, while hindered, by the previous layer; “constricted genius” works of magic from thin/thick air.

Most of the time the players weren’t in the same room at the same time, and in some cases, haven’t seen each other in years, but it sounds like a family and feels like a band. Create what we like.

The natural unfolding of this creation was affirming, in that the process of creation proved most relevant. An expression of faith and appreciation of the experiMENTAL process with no preparation for something else. Beyond fortunate for the allowance of time. “Never underestimate the power of positive thought”