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TheEEs is the brainchild of composer, producer, arranger and keyboardist André Neundorf with composer, producer and guitarist Claus Hartisch, who together produce music that blends soul with latin, reggae, tropical grooves, psych, acid jazz and trip hop to cinematic sounds as well as spoken word and hip hop.



TITLE: Temptations Of Sound


RELEASE SATE: November 17th 2023

FORMAT: LP / CD / Digital

CATALOG N.: LOLA23001 / LOLA23002

GENRE: tropical groove / latin soul / cinematic

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After working for more than 10 years as the composer, co-producer, arranger and keyboardist for Bahama Soul Club and Kojato, in 2020 André Neundorf started a new project called TheEEs with his brother from another mother, the composer, producer and guitarist Claus Hartisch (winner of Yamaha’s international “band explosion” contest).

TheEEs made their debut with a smooth reggae remix of Bahama Soul Club’s hit single “Mango” in 2020, this was to be the beginning of a journey with many musical companions through different styles, a very personal and unique collage of elements from the broad spectrum of the 60s and 70s, mixed with a contemporary attitude – in short, pure eclectic experiences!

Now in 2023, this musical stew will be made audible to the world on their debut album Temptations of Sound, a combination of musical snapshots, a collection of collaborations with 5 different voices, held together by TheEEs‘ unique sound that bridges the gap between vintage and contemporary.

Opening track “Mother Earth” begins with a spoken word quote from Archibald Lampman “we have not heard the music of the spheres…” sung by 20-year old Juliet Ada of German-Nigerian roots. This track is a groovy, life-affirming uptempo number blending acid jazz and afrobeat. Ada appears on 3 other songs: “Temptation Of The Sound”, where an offbeat piano plays the prelude to an experimental collage of reggae, trip hop and jazz, “Stand Up”, a hypnotic, psychedelic soul number that announces the light at the end of the tunnel, with wah wah rhodes, tremolo guitar and strings, and “If Only”, a relaxed and playful soul track where the lyrics were inspired by Rudyard Kipling‘s poem “If”.

“Con Sentimiento” was the first single extracted from the album and moves in a pulsating field of psych, soul and latin. The inimitable voice of Cuban singer Arema Arega guides us through the story of the song. Arema was brought to the attention of a wider audience in the past by Gilles Peterson and has collaborated extensively with Bahama Soul Club. Special guest on this tune is Arema‘s lifelong friend from Cuba Regis Molina on flute and congas. Arega appears again on closing track “Open Up”, sending the mind on a musical journey from shuffling trip hop beats to dusty desert guitars and the sounds of wildlife.

“Slight & Small” was the second single extracted from the album and is based on a poem by the American lyricist Emily Dickinson. On it, German singer and actress Maike Jacobs interprets the introspective theme of the title in the form of a sensitive soul ballad, sometimes reminiscent of the aesthetics of a David Lynch film. A second poem by Dickinson was the inspiration for “Indian Summer”, interpreted again by Jacobs. Loose, relaxed vocal phrases over cascades of never-ending jazz harmonies whisk the listener away into late summer.

The only duet on the album is “I Mean Soul” with soul veteran Reggie Worthy and Jazzkantine frontman Cappuccino who share vocal parts in this smooth acid jazz track with catchy Rhodes, guitars and brass riffs as well as some nice wild solos. Rapper and singer Cappuccino appears again on “The Feel”, an extremely relaxed and positive reggae tune that kicks off with a real talking Fender Rhodes. While Reggie Worthy, formerly bassist for Ike and Tina Turner, appears again on “True Love”, where he tells us a story about love, wrapped in soul music put to the weird rhythm of an old Hohner beatbox.

Temptations of Sound is a melting pot of genres and styles, an uplifting and varied musical trip though the many eras and inspirations of TheEEs. This is just the beginning…