Bahama Soul Club – Sundub Society promo page

German-born, but Algarve, Portugal-based über cool cat Oliver Belz returns with his Bahama Soul Club project and new album Sundub Society, with lush arrangements painted with sun-soaked brushstrokes of tropical soul-jazz, roots-reggae and exotic grooves.


ARTIST: Bahama Soul Club

TITLE: Sundub Society

LABEL: Buyu Records

CD & DIGITAL RELEASE: July 7th 2023

LP RELEASE DATE: August 4th 2023

FORMAT: CD / LP / Digital


GENRE: tropical soul-jazz / exotic grooves

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Bahama Soul Club‘s 6th album Sundub Society is a commitment to a colourful community, inspired by the blissful energies of the sun-drenched Algarve coast and the multicultural verve of tattooed wave riders, spiritual seekers, rainbow healers, mystic maidens and dreadlocked beauties. …. And of course the funky smell of sandy flip flops.

Lush arrangements painted with sun-soaked brushstrokes, captivating hangout vibes, shuffling bits of reggae, interwoven with threads of 70s roots, traditional rhythms and beats and sounds of the South Western Algarve.

Sundub Society is an album that is sincere, artistic, full of spirit and definitely unique. No striving for the charts or trying to fit into a trendy category!

The album was mainly recorded with local legends. Stoned troubadoures, poetic pirates and tough rebels. The songs were born from a vague idea after the release of Bohemia After Dawn, the last album on which a few artist friends from the Algarve had already contributed.

There is always a special magic in the neighborhood when sunny midday jams morph to easy sundown sessions to party-till-dawn skanks. Bahama Soul Club just put those jams on tape. So, ten sun-dubby love songs to “Oh, those sandy beaches!”.

The SUNDUB SOCIETY, featured on this album: Josephine Nightingale, Tiago Saga, Ally Garrido, Naomi Falcon, Cutty Wren, Hedvig Larsson, Chicks On Beer, etc.