Funk Shui #49

Episode 49 of Calamity Jade’s funk/soul/groove radio show “Funk Shui” every Friday at 11:30pm CET and Sunday at 4:30pm on Radio Popolare ( and on Saturday at 8pm CET, Sunday at 6pm and Monday at 8pm on Contro Radio ( This episode first aired Friday August 7th and includes a special feature with Nicole Willis, American singer now based in Helsinki where she fronts Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators, the band she’s presenting 3 tracks of here! 


1. Jay W McGee – “Whole Lotta Talk” (Légère Recordings)
2. Tortured Soul – “Don’t Lead Me On” (Dome Records)
3. Sy Smith – “Truth” (Psycho! Records)
4. Monsieur Dubois – “Dreaming” (Challenge Records)
5. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – “A Perfect Kind Of Love” (Timmion Records)
6. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – “I’ll Just Sit And Daydream” (Timmion Records)
7. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – “Let’s Communicate” (Timmion Records)
8. AM & Shawn Lee – “Persuasion” (self-released)
9. The Baker Brothers – “Ring True” (Fish Legs Records)
10. Speedometer – “Mirage feat. James Junior” (Freestyle Records)
11. Mò Horizons – “Make It Real feat. Lea” (Agogo Records)
12. Undisputed Truth – “Smiling Faces (Sometimes)” (Gordy)

Funk Shui #49 w/ Nicole Willis (Niole & The Soul Investigators) special by Calamity Jade on Mixcloud