Funk Shui #13

Episode 13 and the last radio show of the season for “Funk Shui” on Radio Popolare 107.6 ( This show aired Saturday September 28th and includes a special feature with Georges Perin who presents 3 tracks of his group Basement Freaks, one from the first album, one from the second and a remix band founder Giorgos Fotiadis did of Rephrase.


1. Charles Bradley – “The World Is Going Up In Flames” (Daptone Records)
2. Benjamin Siksou & Horndogz – “Cab Calloway’s Flow” (Uptone Records)
3. Jon Kennedy – “Air Force Oen feat. Andre Espeut” (Jon Kennedy Federation)
4. Da Lata – “Deixa feat. Jandira Silva” (Agogo Records)
5. Papik – “Black & Gold” (Irma Records)
6. Nick Pride & The Pimptones – Everything Is Better In The Summertime (Record Kicks)
7. Funky Mama – “Evolution n.1” (Goodfellas)
8. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra – “Big Man” (Daptone Records)
9. Jungle Fire – “Firewalker” (Colemine Records)
10. Basement Freaks – “Funk For Freaks feat. Charlie Funk” (Jalapeno Records)
11. Basement Freaks – “Something Freaky” (Jalapeno Records)
12. Rephrase – “Funky Little So And So (Basement Freaks mix)” (Rephrase Music)
13. Funkadelic – “One Nation Under A Groove” (Priority Records)

Funk Shui #13 w/ Basement Freaks special by Calamity Jade on Mixcloud