The Soul Immigrants


What they say…

“There’s a funk riot going on in South London leading the revolt are the Soul Immigrants and this band’s realistic sounding Deep Funk must be shared!”

DJ Prestige (Heavy Soul Brutha)



The Soul Immigrants are a funk/jazz band from the UK founded in 1992 by singer/guitarist/composer Emrys Baird (well-known as reviewer on Blues & Soul), who cut his teeth as a teenager with the legendary Funk Ambassadors (who backed the JB’s on their first ever UK tour in the late 80’s).

Now head honcho in his own right, Emrys Baird leads The Soul Immigrants as they mine a musical playing field that pays homage to the past masters of soul, funk and jazz. It’s all ground that’s been covered before, but the Immigrants do it so well and with such style,that it is still worth a tumble.

The band has amassed a steady stream of dedicated followers in Germany rather than their native U.K. bedazzling fans with an irresistible blend of “in the pocket grooves” and ’70s-era soul/funk. The band has gone through several lineup changes during their career, but through it all their leader has remained singer/songwriter Emrys Baird a passionate,skillful singer and a supreme soul/jazz guitarist as well.

In a world of manufactured bands and a commercially driven music industry where creativity and individuality are rare, The Soul Immigrants continue to take their soulful blend of jazz and groove across London and continue to fuel the flames of funk in a joyous, uplifting manner.


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