Tape Five


What they say…

“A thrilling tribute to the jazzy dance music of the 20th century!”





German electro-swing pioneers Tape Five were formed by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Martin Strathausen in 2004. Originally established as an instrumental studio project masterminded by Martin, their sound combines a variety of styles and influences: the focus is on swing and electro-swing but there are also elements of bossa, latin, soul and nu jazz, reinterpreted in their own classy way.

Tape Five‘s debut album “Swingfood Mood” was released in 2006 and sold out in Europe, USA and Asia. In the decade since they’ve gone on to release 4 other albums, “Bossa For A Coup” in 2007, “Tonight Jospehine” in 2010, “Swing Patrol” in 2012 and “Circus Maximus” in 2015. The live band and recordings comprise a hand-picked selection of the finest international musicians, from the UK, California and Siberia to Brazil and South Africa, with singers such as Dionne Wudu, Henrik Wager, Brenda Boykin, Yuliet Topaz, Iain Mackenzie and Sha, to name a few.

The band’s music has been included in over 1000 compilations from around the globe, such as “Electro Swing”, “Big City Bar”, “La Dolce Vita Anniversary”, “Electro Swing Revolution”, “Cafe Del Mar”, “Rio Lounge”, “Ibiza Chillout”, “Big Bang Club”, “Cafe Copacabana”, “Electro Swing Fever”, “The Ballroom Mix”, “The Best of Shanghai Lounge”, “Erotic Lounge”, “Campari Lounge”, “Nu Bossa and Beyond”, “Swing a la Mode”, “Cafe Paradiso”, “Jazzy Lounge”, “Tokyo Cruise”, “Cigar Lounge”, “Private Beach Club”, “Bossa Supreme”, and many more…

Tape Five have also been licensed for TV shows such as “Dancing With The Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” as well as being used in TV and online ads from New York to Hong Kong. Every month more than 100.000 people stream their music on sites such as Spotify, testifying to the widespread appeal of their sound.

From the genre they co-invented; electro-swing, to charleston house, swin’n’roll and disco biscuits, let the irresistible retro-futurist vibe of Tape Five take you on a journey that revisits the past while keeping an eye firmly on the here and now!


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