Randy Roberts & The Capital Strokes



Randy Roberts
The Capital Strokes

“It’s not just funk, it’s faith!!”

Randy Roberts



Randy Roberts & The Capital Strokes are a 12 element Italian funk outfit bringing the sound of mid 70s grooves directly into the now with a combination of tight musicianship and explosive energy. Led by frontman Randy Roberts, this group has become a stable presence at Porretta Soul Festival from 2012 onwards, and has taken their particular blend of funk, soul, jazz and R&B to clubs far and wide in Italy and beyond, such as Switzerland (including Estival in Lugano), Montenegro, Serbia and Romania.

Frontman Randy “the Reverend” Roberts has been active in the music scene since 1992, participating in many of the most important Italian festivals and backing International artists such as Craig David and Phil Collins. Not just a singer but an entertainer, Randy has also presented his own TV show for 2 years, and brings all his showmanship to the stage in his energetic performances that never fail to engage the audience. It’s no surprise that music runs in Randy‘s family, as his father, American singer Rocky Roberts, was a pioneer representative of soul and R&B in Italy who rose to fame in the 60s. Following in his father’s footsteps, for the past few years Randy “the Reverend” has been preaching a stone cold groove alongside Roman band The Capital Strokes.

The musicians who compose The Capital Strokes are all acclaimed professionals in their own right, and have each participated in all the biggest Italian soul and jazz festivals, such as Umbria Jazz, Tolfa Jazz and Atina Jazz. Providing session work and live backing for artists such as Martha High, Tony Momrelle of IncognitoFabrizio Bosso, Natty Fred, Danilo Rea, Marcello Rosa and more, the members of Capital Strokes can be considered artisans of their craft who have honed their skills on the field and are coming together in a formation ready to carve a place for itself in the contemporary funk & soul scene.

All eyes are on them as they prepare to launch their first album, with original cuts composed by the Rev. Randy with contributions by Emiliano Pari (keys) and Jorma Gasperi (guitar), who all cite Parliament, Sly & The Family Stone, The Meters and Prince among their influences. With a powerful horn section playing as if each element were a different part of the same body, catchy hooks and melodies, and a style that references the oldschool without being retro, Randy Roberts & The Capital Strokes are definitely a funk formation to keep an eye on. It’s not just funk, it’s faith!


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