Nicole Willis

What they say…

“A classic soul voice, sweet and cool but capable of rising up for a good wail when the song needs it!”




Ms. Nicole Willis is an American singer-songwriter now based in Helsinki, Finland, who has been working internationally for over 30 years and is considered among the finest soul voices of today. Raised in Brooklyn, Ms. Willis created acid jazz classics and worked with veteran soul musicians as well as known techno, house and funk heads. With roots in alternative music, and influences from everywhere, everything goes into the creative process with the intention of never fitting into the mold, in fact just plain breaking it.

Nicole Willis deftly navigates through the soul revival genre, while also manning electronic projects, and concentrating on organic dance floor grooves. Ms. Willis has performed and collaborated with artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Pizzicato Five‘s Yasuharu Konishi, Gary Katz, Leftfield, Shawn Lee, and has performed far and wide from cities such as Nairobi, Glasgow, Paris, and Liverpool, to New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Auckland, and Rome, to name but a few.

Known for her collaborations with The Soul Investigators, with whom she released albums “Keep Reachin Up” in 2005, “Tortured Soul” in 2013 and “Happiness In Every Style” in 2015, Nicole has also regularly collaborated with artists such as producer Bosq and multi-faceted artist Jimi Tenor, who produced some of the tracks from her 2017 album “My Name Is Nicole Willis” in collaboration with UMO Jazz Orchestra.

2019 sees Miss Willis take full creative control with a new backing band, new upcoming album, and new sound! From the concept to the band line-up, from writing the music and lyrics to recording, editing and mixing, Nicole Willis was involved in all aspects at play in the making of her upcoming full-length My Soul Sensation”, a luscious collection of disco-tinged soul, jazz-funk, boogie & electro with Banda Palomita.

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