Momo Said


What they say…

“Breaking the rules can create wonderful new things. And that’s exactly the case here! Momo Said trumps the rules with his creative flair!”

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Momo Said‘s story is one of emigration, integration and the universal language of music. The son of Moroccan migrants who established themselves in Italy, Said was born in Casablanca in 1982 but was raised in the Italian region of Marche. Ever since childhood his interest was piqued by the records and tapes that his trader father has been selling in local markets for over 35 years. Thus began his exploration of various sounds and musical styles, from Latin choir music in the church of Santa Maria in Ostra Vetere at 12, to playing drums in the town band and learning how to read music during his adolescence, to discovering the great names of rhythm n blues, soul, jazz and funk.

By his college years Said had refined not only his musical palette, studying and practicing Spirituals and Gospels, but also his knowledge of languages; becoming proficient in Italian, Arabic, English, French and Spanish. It is this same multi-cultural and hybrid approach that also characterizes Momo Said‘s musical development. Drawing from a variety of sources and inspirations, this self-taught musician evolved into a versatile, multi-faceted and passionate artist; a singer, songwriter, guitar-player and arranger.

In 2013 Momo Said releases his debut album “Spirit” on CD and Digital via Italian label Tam Tam Recordings, soon followed by singles “My Woman” in 2015, “Be Wise” in 2016 and “Soul Food” in 2017. These releases establish Said as a name to look out for in Italy, but it was only a matter of time before his music would reach much broader horizons. Momo Said‘s second full-length Break The Rules, out digitally in April 2019 but scheduled for release as a deluxe gatefold vinyl in June, is already being whispered about in industry circuits, and we’re ready to bet it will put him firmly on the map of the international music scene.

You heard it here first: Momo Said is not just breaking the rules, he’s breaking borders, and his contemporary take on funk, soul, disco & RnB speaks of a future where there’s no place for strict definitions, boundaries, or restrictions. Stay tuned folks, there’s much more to come!


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