Henri-Pierre Noel


What they say…

“Henri-Pierre Noel is a massively respected jazz, funk and disco pianist from back in the day!”




Henri-Pierre Noel is a Haitian born pianist, singer, songwriter, arranger and composer. His great talent was first discovered in New-York city when performing at the Brooklyn academy of music, and that was the start of a very successful career. He went to Europe for his studies, where he had the opportunity to perform in many cities (Liége, Paris, Bonn, Antwerp etc), sharing the stage with some very big names in european show biz, before moving to Canada.

Henri’s seven albums and CDs showcase a variety of styles, from jazz, blues, bossanova, and more. Primarily he is influenced by what can broadly be defined soul music, combined with Haitian folklore rhythms, or Kompa. This unique combination is known as ‘Kompa Funk’. His style of piano playing can be described as percussive, he uses the piano as a strong rhythmical instrument to give it a complete sound along with the melodic part.

His collaboration with Wah Wah 45s started when a great DJ from Canada, DJ Kobal aka Jérôme Decis, discovered an original recording of Henri‘s album “Piano” and starting playing it in his DJ sets. Wah Wah 45s boss and DJ Dom Servini was visiting Jérôme in Montreal when he heard the album, and immediately realized it deserved a reissue to bring Henri-Pierre to the attention of modern music lovers world wide!


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