What they say…

“Their old meets new approach to soul creates something unique!”

Zo Magazine




Wolf and Hillman met at a gig their respective bands were playing, somewhere in France. Only a few months later, ephemerals was born, and their debut album “Nothin Is Easy” was rehearsed and recorded in 4 days. It was put out as a free download before catching the attention of Jalapeno Records who released it officially on September 1st 2014, immediately gaining praise from music lovers and the media alike.

The darkly psychedelic follow-up “Chasin Ghosts” was made in a similar way and was released on October 23rd 2015. This album began incorporating more elements of jazz, rock and hip hop while reinforcing the lyrical content which is always thoughtful, hard hitting and never afraid to address the dark topics as well as the light whether they be lost love, depression, world politics or philosophy.

By then ephemerals’ star had risen steadily and they’d established themselves both at home and on the continent. With the combination of a tireless tour schedule and prolific writing periods, album number 3 was completed by the time the band was as many years old. “Egg Tooth” was released on April 21st 2017 and saw ephemerals refresh their sound with a new direction. Always unafraid to push the boundaries of their craft, this release unashamedly emanates jazz, afrobeat and psychedelia which galvanizes the soul and r&b that remains at the heart of the band.

ephemerals have always developed a narrative through their albums, with “Nothin Is Easy” focusing on life, ‘“Chasin Ghosts” dealing with death and “Egg Tooth” exploring rebirth. Maintaining the same 7 piece line-up to record all three albums and to tour as the live band means they sound like a group of musicians that knows each other inside out.

Fourth album the third eyewas released at the beginning of 2020 and is the band’s magnum opus, a stunning collection of spiritual jazz, spoken word and psychedelic undertones in which ephemerals experiment with recording techniques and sound, confirming the undeniable talent of this outfit.


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