What they say…

“A flawless mimic, capable of absorbing and replicating human and instrumental sounds, world-famous beatbox artist Eklips has spent the past two decades pushing the limits of the human voice!





Also known as “The Human Beatbox Show Master”, Eklips is a French artist from Paris who started beatboxing over twenty years ago and has redefined the art through his incredible talent, mastering beatboxing like no one before him. Shows throughout the world are testament to his international appeal and demand, and in every performance he brings his incredible energy and showmanship so as to make it an unforgettable experience.

Over the past several years Eklips has emerged as THE ONE to watch. On youtube his videos have been viewed millions of times, with the most popular being “The most amazing beatbox video ever – History of Hip hop in 4 minutes”, which received a Webby Award in May 2012 for best “brand entertainment video” in New York City and totaled over 45 millions views. Not just a beatboxer, Eklips raps, sings and has got the amazing ability of perfectly imitating all the biggest French and US hiphop celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Jay-Z, Drake and many more.

Because of his ongoing success, Eklips has appeared on many TV shows and his talent has been used in numerous national and international ads. More than a beatboxer Eklips is a real artist. His “Crazy Show” has toured the world over at concerts, festival and the best clubs in Dubai, New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Europe, Africa and beyond… Following his EP “Skyzofrench Rap”, and album “Monster”, a new release is scheduled to drop: “#LIPS”, an amazing 100% vocal album made using only his voice, his mouth, his lips! Eklips is truly taking beatboxing to the next level: hear it to believe it!


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