David Nesselhauf


What they say…

“What you would get if George Clinton got drunk on German beer in a shady bar in Lagos, Nigeria!”

Valerio Corzani (L’Idealista on Radio Rai 3)



German bassist and composer David Nesselhauf is exploring new depths in the territory of experimental music by fusing elements of krautrock and afrobeat into a new blend of so-called ‘Afrokraut’. Sound-wise he digs music that has what he calls “woody bass” – as heard in raw funk, stoner rock and tasty jazz.

Born in November 1980 in Berlin, West Germany, David got started in music when he was asked to play bass in a schoolmate’s band and he has been playing ever since. At the time his musical inclinations were influenced by what he and his teenage bandmates found in their parents’ record collection (Hendrix) and what they saw on MTV (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

David then changed to a more “session” approach as he moved to Hamburg, Germany where he had the chance to record and play with the likes of Lew Soloff (Blood, Sweat & Tears), Ray Darwin, Jim Pansen, Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown), Flo Mega and more.

David is also a founding member of the Hamburg-based raw-funk outfit Diazpora who got nominated for the Bremen Jazz Price in 2012. The band seamlessly fuse funky bass lines, tight horns, dirty guitar and Hammond into a ‘no-school’ funk sound that is impossible to resist.

Stay tuned as this eclectic and talented solo artist explores uncharted territory in his upcoming album!


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