Crushed Velvet & The Velveteers


What they say…


“A fusion of classic soul and funk!”





Crushed Velvet & the Velveteers is the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist / songwriter / studio engineer and producer Alan Evans, who is also co-founder of the band Soulive. In 2008, while Soulive was on break from touring, Alan spent most of his time recording and mixing bands from around the world in his Western Massachusetts recording studio. “On my days off, I would go into the studio and just play guitar. Before I knew it I had a batch of songs that I knew weren’t Soulive songs. It seemed I had an album on the way but I didn’t want to put it out as Alan Evans. So I came up with Crushed Velvet & the Velveteers. I record a lot of music on my own playing different instruments but I feel like I have a different personality on guitar, bass, drums, etc. Crushed Velvet is my guitar player alter ego”.

Alan released the first Crushed Velvet & the Velveteers album “The Big One” in May 2011 as a concept movie soundtrack album.  Since then, Alan has gone on to release several albums with Soulive, the Alan Evans Trio, Matador Soul Sounds as well as starting the label Vintage League Music.

In 2020, Alan has decided to bring Crushed Velvet & the Velveteers back to life with a few new singles followed by a full length album. First single Good Thang is a driving funk bumper that dropped in June 2020 and will soon be followed by second single “As Far As We Know”, a soul number dripping with emotion that paves the way for the upcoming album!


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