Chicken Grass


What they say…


“Fortfied Finnish feel good flavour from the off!”

45 Live


Chicken Grass are a Finnish 6-piece band with a rustic, New Orleans-inspired sound. With over two decades of passionate live shows under their belt, these professional musicians and missionaries of groove have a deep understanding of funk and soul.

The group’s story begins two decades ago in Oulu, a small, cold town in Northern Finland, where band members Tapio Wiik (vocals / keyboard), Mikko Räisänen (guitar), Janne Valppu (bass), Olli Tuomainen (sax), Janne Mathlin (drums) and Jallu Junnilainen (percussion) met and combined their wild ideas and passion for funk & soul. The result was a group called Chicken Grass.

Chicken Grass have been performing in Finland for over 20 years. The band has achieved many highs in their career so far, but it has not always been easy. There have been times when the band felt like they were banging their heads against a brick wall – something was missing.

20 years since its inception, the band has now set its eyes to reaching a wider international audience with its unique cocktail of funk, soul, rhythm n blues and northern influences. Picking only the finest tunes of the many they’ve so far recorded, Chicken Grass are committed to keeping the funk alive. Watch out for new music in 2021 thanks to a new-found collaboration with cult German label Tramp Records!


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