Body Heat Gang Band

What they say…

“Music that moves forward with taste and creativity, an elegant and fresh alternative to pop!”

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Body Heat
is an independent label, a party in the heart of Milan, Italy, but most of all, a collective of musicians, producers and DJs with a common passion for grooves and dancing.

Stemming from the ambitious aim of bridging the gap between black music such as funk, jazz, fusion and disco and the world of electronic dance music and clubbing, the concept of Body Heat can be summed up in the motto “from funk to turbofunk”. The inspiration ranges from the work of funk maestros such as James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton, passing by pioneers of disco and electronic music such as Giorgio Moroder and Cerrone, and touching on recent developments in Acid Jazz and French house. Slap bass, driving, syncopated rhythms and horn lines all come together to take the listener on a trip from the 70s up to the big beats of contemporary electronic music and house, blending past and present to create the label’s distinctive turbo funk sound.

Body Heat Gang Band is the label’s in-house band and brand new project, led by label boss and DJ Rocoe. The band’s formation varies in number and composition, changing shape according to the event and performance at hand. The Gang Band performs every 2 weeks at the Body Heat Party in the heart of Milan, unanimously recognized as one of the most significant clubnights of the city since its inception. Now in its third season, the party is characterized by a heterogenous public in terms of age, sex, extraction, and regularly goes sold-out. The atmosphere is positive and vibrant, bringing together musicians, MCs, DJs, singers, and more.

Contrary to standard industry procedures, Body Heat Gang Band‘s debut album was released on CD and LP without promotion or big announcements in December 2017, with the digital version expected for February 2018. Entirely self-produced, “Body Heat Disco” contains 10 tracks that outline the artistic direction of the collective, combining their various influences and offering a new, modern perspective on funk for the club.


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