Alpacas Collective

What they say…


“Bringing African flavours to jazz-funk groove, the enthusiasm in the performances makes this… exceptional!”



Belgian 11-piece global groove ensemble Alpacas Collective takes you on a trip from Lagos to Addis Ababa, from Augusta, Georgia to New Orleans, and from Delhi to sci-fi worlds far beyond our solar system, bringing it all back home in a unique set of original songs.

The band draws inspiration from James Brown, Fela Kuti, Mulatu Astatke, The Meters, Sun Ra, Ravi Shankar, The Heliocentrics, …and many others. Like their great examples, the grooves are laced with cutting horn lines and rousing percussion breaks. Funk is the basis, flavored with afro, jazz, boogaloo, soul and eastern vibes.

Alpacas Collective has shared the stage with renowned acts such as Mulatu Astatke, The Budos Band, Lefties Soul Connection, Cody Chesnutt, Quantic Soul Orchestra, The Poets and Rhythm and more.

The band found their voice and soul on their well-received debut album Seven Wisdoms of Plutonia released in October 2022, a tasty blend of smells and musical spices that included 60s and 70s Ethiopian styles and compositions, afrobeat and US style funk.

One year on, the ensemble is excited to release the second collection of Alpacas tunes. From the adventurous spaces of Plutonia, from where Alpacas Collective emerged, this gang of fanatic music lovers continue their trip through new places with new friends on their upcoming second album Big Words.


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