London Afrobeat Collective – Esengo promo page

Hailing from 6 different countries, multi-cultural 8-member band London Afrobeat Collective releases its 4th full-length Esengo, with 6 powerful songs produced by  Sonny Johns that combine traditional afrobeat and hi life with funk, jazz, latin & global grooves.


ARTIST: London Afrobeat Collective

TITLE: Esengo

LABEL: Canopy Records

RELEASE DATE: February 14th 2023

FORMAT: LP / CD / Digital


GENRE: afrobeat / afro-funk

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Taking inspiration from afrobeat father Fela Kuti as well as artists including Ebo Taylor, Parliament, Funkadelic and Havana d’Primera, London Afrobeat Collective’s music has won them admirers across the UK, Europe and beyond. This eight-strong multi-cultural collective from England, Italy, France, Congo, Argentina, and New Zealand, combine traditional afrobeat and hi life with funk, jazz & Latin, to deliver party music born of their truly global DNA. A regular on the touring circuit and celebrated for their raucous energy, heavy dance grooves and conscious lyrics.

The band’s new album Esengo is produced by Sonny Johns (Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela / Ali Farka Toure), showcases London Afrobeat Collective’s love and respect for the traditions of afrobeat. With acclaimed Congolese singer Juanita Euka on vocals once more, Esengo channels the spirit of Fela Kuti but with a willingness to create original music that crosses genres.

Lead single and album opener “Topesa Esengo Na Motema” (“Let Us Give Joy To The Heart”) finds the band in a lighter yet spirited mood, celebrating the joy of living, reconnecting, and getting back on the road once more, while the groove-heavy “My Way” is a refreshing blast of tight percussion and powerhouse vocals from Euka. Elsewhere, “Freedom” perfectly captures the raw, soulful energy of their raucous live performances, while the blaring horns of “El Ritmo De Londres” and easy, loose rhythms of “De Kinshasa À Sona Bata” showcase London Afrobeat Collective at their rousing finest.