Jay W. McGee


What they say…

“Our man has a world weary, gritty, experienced voice that brings an air of rustic, organic authenticity!”

Bill Buckley



Veteran soul man Jay W. McGee made a name for himself as a singer with a variety of disco and boogie tracks in the mid and late 80s. Born in Lumberton, North Carolina, Jay relocated to Flint, Michigan in 1968, before another relocation saw him move to Toronto in Canada in 1974.

Taking after his his father who was also a singer, Jay began singing in church when he was four. He lived near a Fort Bragg army base, where he sang for the troops in various bands, and even recorded a gospel song called “When You Sang My Song”. During the 70s he toured throughout the USA and Canada with a number of funk & soul bands including Salongo and Crack Of Dawn and made various recordings that sound good to this day.

In 1980 Jay W. McGee makes his solo debut with cult 12 inch “Turn Me On” / “Your Love” for Love I Productions, officially reissued by Légère Recordings in 2013. He follows-up with dancer “When We Party” in 1982, later featured on album “Over And Over” on Scorpio Records and still a firm favorite among connoisseur DJs. In 1988 Jay releases “Survivor” on Quantum Records in Toronto, and as a result of the album’s success is invited to sing on Top Of The Pops. In 1990 Jay W. McGee is nominated for best R&B / soul recording at the Juno Awards, Canada’s musical equivalent to the grammy’s, for “Another Love In Your Life”.

In 2001 Jay W. McGee leaves Canada and returns to Flint, Michigan. It’s more than 25 years since his last release when, thanks to the connection with Légère Recordings who reissued his first solo record, Hamburg’s up and coming production team The Unbelievable Two, composed of Julian ‘Mzuzu’ Romeike and Matthias ‘Mucka’ Morgenrothd get in touch with Jay. They send him the music they recorded and mixed in Hamburg and ask him to lay some vocals. The result is a whole new album of disco-soul-jazz-funk-grooves called “Good Feeling”, out in 2015 on Légère Recordings and anticipated by a double-sider 45 with remixes of the title track. Yes, it’s official, the soul man is back.


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