What they say…

“This outfit are super cool, terrific players and know how to groove like the mofo’s they are!!”

Emrys Baird (Blues & Soul magazine)



HornDogz is a trio of producers who make instrumentals but not only, jazz maybe, danceable music certainly! A horny sound with the dog in it!

The band is made up of Eric “Shrizzadelic” Rohner on saxophones, Gil “C-Freak” Garin on trumpet and Rico “Adiko” Kerridge on guitar / composition. They have chosen to invite artists they encountered on this or the other side of the Channel and Atlantic in order to record an album with the producer Adam Bastard, due to be released on the label Uptone Records.

In the course of summer 2010 they stand in for the P-Funk All Stars horn section of George Clinton during his French tour. On this occasion they are baptized “HornDogz” by bassist Lige Curry with whom they record as a result of this very tour. For a long time they have been itching for a musical project highlighting the horns, they adopt this name in order to tell their “canine horn stories”, and HornDogz are born.

The trio of producers invite the following to join them to record a mind-blowing album: Amp Fiddler, Bibi Tanga, Blitz the Ambassador, Breis, Fred Wesley, Greg Boyer, Jee Williams, Juan Rozoff, Lige Curry, Mary Griffin, Michael Clip Payne, Mike Larry & Jude Kidsude Pericles, P-Funk Horns, Peeda, Sadiq Bey & Ty.


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