Da Lata


What they say…

“They entwine Brazilian music and London club culture to delightful effect…..a sumptuous global fare!”

The Observer



Da Lata (meaning “from the tin” in Portuguese) are a British group formed in 1994 by Chris Franck and Patrick Forge, who combine Afro-Brazilian influences with other strands from the melting pot of their native London.

2013 marks 20 years since Franck and Forge first came together and began experimenting and redefining Brazilian music. Over that time, the duo have had major international success both in bands (Batu, Smoke City, Zeep & Da Lata) and for Patrick as a respected DJ who was a pioneer for Brazilian music with UK station Kiss FM in the early 90s.

As Da Lata, the duo went on to record 3 albums for Palm Pictures, respectively “Songs From The Tin” (2000), “Serious” (2003) and a collection of their remix work for other artists “Remixes” (2002), cementing their reputation as pioneers of a new kind of World music, fusing Afro-Brazilian influences with a dance-floor sensibility and a distinctly London attitude.

After a hiatus of several years, in 2011 the pair started work on a much-awaited new album, “Fabiola”, drawing together an extended family of collaborators old and new. The album is characterized by Da Lata’s new “organic edge”, dispensing with programming and electronic production and with an emphasis that is definitely on the “real” in every sense. Celebrating their comeback after 10 years, and their 20 year anniversary as a band, “Fabiola” is set to start a new chapter in the illustrious story of Da Lata‘s Afro-Brazilian adventure.

Keep an eye out for the release of new album “Fabiola” October 14th on CD/LP/Digital through Agogo Records!


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