Johnny Burgos covers Neil Young’s ‘Old Man’ in new video / single

May 7th, 2024

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Johnny Burgos covers Neil Young’s ‘Old Man’ in new video / single

Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter, and producer Johnny Burgos teams up with Liza Colby (The Liza Colby Sound / The Gold Setting & SUSU) and veteran producer Jeremy Page (Kendra Morris / Czarface / MF Doom) with a touching interpretation of Neil Young’s classic song “Old Man”.

The retro soul cover provides a vulnerable and retrospective look at a complex paternal relationship, the cycle of generational trauma within it, and the personal pursuit to end that cycle within yourself. The production aesthetic exudes a nostalgic ambiance, enhanced by the stunning vocal performance and pairing of Burgos and Colby which verberates with profound emotional resonance.

Johnny states: “For some context, Liza Colby is like a sister to me, and we’ve been the best of friends and collaborators for over 20 years now. In that time I’ve also become extremely close with her husband Geoff, who’s also an artist and has become something like a big brother to me. Geoff first played Neil Young’s original version of “Old Man” to me during the pandemic, when I was living with him and Liza for a while. I had recently ended a long-term relationship and had suddenly become responsible for my father’s well-being. My father experienced an incredibly traumatic childhood and battled with addiction and mental health issues for most of his adult life and mine. He was absent from a large part of my life until his health circumstances brought us back into each other’s lives, which has been a journey of profound empathy, compassion, and humility for us both. I’m sure the weight of my emotions was palpable and I know it was Geoff’s way of letting me know that I was seen in that moment and it was ok to feel all of it in front of them. He understood the complexities of my relationship with my dad through that of his own, and that was confirmed only two lines into the first listen of the song. I was incredibly moved by the vulnerability, masterful songwriting, and vocal delivery. I hadn’t felt so seen by a song in a long time and I knew I would cover it one day but wasn’t sure when. Fast forward a few years to Jeremy and I finishing the album, and I couldn’t shake the itch to add a cover to the tracklist. After about 24 hrs of obsessing over songs that would make an unexpected soul flip, but still carry a message close enough to my heart to deliver a compelling and heartfelt performance, I landed on “Old Man”. With Liza and Geoff being my only close friends to have met my dad, and have even befriended him, it only felt natural to have Liza join me on this one, and even more significant that we all had a little hand in the making of it”.

“Old Man” out via digital download on Apr 26th 2024 via LRK Records