Brooklyn soul man Johnny Burgos ‘Plays For Keeps’ in new single

May 31st, 2024

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Brooklyn soul man Johnny Burgos ‘Plays For Keeps’ in new single

Johnny Burgos and veteran soul producer, Jeremy Page, (best known for his work with Kendra Morris, Czarface & MF Doom) offer up final single “Plays For Keeps” in anticipation of the duo’s upcoming album All I Ever Wonder scheduled for release on June 7th via LRK Records.

“Plays For Keeps” is a masterfully crafted tale of tantalizing lust between Burgos and a love interest, as his sultry croons narrate the encounter in vivid detail. Page’s instrumental pays profound homage to early 70’s funk & soul, and compliments the vocal in a musical matrimony that spawns a sound equal parts Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes and even some early MJ.

“This song was the product of a lot of complicated feelings around sex. I’d say it’s equal parts sexual growth, frustration, insecurity and indulgence. I wrote it about 3 years into the longest period of being single in my adult life,which was a bit of a tumultuous and confusing time for me. I was learning how to date casually and responsibly for the first time, which felt really important to me, and I learned how to be more accountable than I had ever been. And I think the honesty and acceptance that it required within myself eventually became a core quality of my personality that people seem to feel and appreciate, especially sexual partners. That positive response from others accessed a freedom in me that influenced my confidence and allowed me to accept parts of myself without shame. I have always been a very sexual person, but I think my upbringing and society made me feel a lot of shame around that and prevented me from learning healthy ways to express that. Ways that reinforce love, care and communication in a personal and sexual dynamic, promoting trust, respect of boundaries, and deep interpersonal connection. Once I did the work to learn such ways and find like minded partners to experience healthy and open casual sex and romance with, I felt even more expansion of my self as a human. Some of these people I’ve even become very close friends with and sex is no longer an aspect of the relationship. I just think it’s a testament to our potential as humans,especially when we adopt an open mindset. I guess the best way to summarize all of that in one sentence is, this song feels like a celebration of the sexual liberation and confidence I’ve experienced in that last 4 years, but in the context of one encounter”. — Johnny

Johnny Burgos is a Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter, producer & engineer. His brand of retro-soul embodies a raw uncompromising sound revealing beauty from pain, hope from despair, and the will to keep fighting. Influenced by his uncle and world-class percussionist, Andre Martinez, growing up Johnny developed a fascination with the percussive rhythms of salsa and soul music, eventually manifesting into a devoted passion for hip-hop production using an Akai MPC. With influences from Michael Jackson, OutKast, J Dilla, Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo, Johnny‘s music draws upon the core principles of R&B, while encompassing elements of hip-hop, funk, pop, salsa, and reggae. Collaborations include artists such as DJ Skizz, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., Marco Polo, Frans Mernick, and Liza Colby (The Gold Setting) and his band Bridge City Hustle, with whom he toured nationally.

“Plays for Keeps” out via digital download on May 31st 2024 via LRK Record