Mr. Confuse

What they say…

“Mr. Confuse creates… grooving works of art, in which bass, drums and brass play the lead roles. Like a director, he skillfully guides rhythms and melodies through ever new, enormously versatile numbers!”


Mr. Confuse is a producer, label owner and DJ based in Hannover, Germany. He is a record collector since 1993, started DJing in 1999 and since 2004 has been producing and composing music that blends styles such as electro funk from the 80s and heavy 60s and 70s funk. From day one his unique sound has been defined by two guiding principles – creativity and authenticity. Over two decades of hard work refining his craft and fine-tuning his style can be heard in every minute of his music. Mr. Confuse productions have been played on the radio by Pete Tong (BBC 1), Gilles Peterson (BBC 1) and Craig Charles (BBC 6) to name a few.

As a member of the Breakout crew in 2005 Mr. Confuse was behind the reworking of 80s classic “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa, transforming it into a heavy funk tune straight out of the 60s / early 70s – so different it ‘could’ have been the original source material for Bambaataa. The single was released on Meltin’ Pot Music and sold over 6000 copies within four weeks, with heavy rotation on radios and DJ sets throughout the world since then.

After Breakout split up in 2006 Mr. Confuse released his first solo album “Feel The Fire” on Légère Recordings in 2008, with cover versions of Debbie Deb’s freestyle-electro-classics “Lookout Weekend” and “When I Hear Music” in a heavy 70s funk style. The 12inch version of “Lookout Weekend” sold out quickly, but even three years after its original release the track is still a steady download seller.

In 2012 “Do You Realize” is the question Mr. Confuse asks on his follow-up album. “Do You Realize” is about being true to the groove, it makes strong lyrical statements while touching political matters as well as social issues with clever and heartfelt lyrics. And it would not be a true Mr. Confuse album if it did not pay tribute to a musical pioneer. With versions of “Boogie Down (Bronx)” (with the voice of well know German reggae artist Benjie) and “Man Made” (featuring Dan Salem), Mr. Confuse pays tribute to Man Parrish as one of the innovators who translated funk and boogie into the hiphop-era of early electro and freestyle.

The two albums are accompanied by a bunch of colourful remixes by well known international producers such as: Smoove, Lack of Afro, Dr. Rubberfunk, Dublex Inc., Daytoner, AIFF, Rephrase, Thomas Blondet, Una Mas Trio, The Uptown Felaz, JetTricks, Tom Eno, PrzasnikFunkmaster Ozone and many more.

In 2014 Mr. Confuse founded his own record label Confunktion Records, a young record label for funk, soul, jazz, breakbeat, downbeat and electronic music with artists like Anatoly Ice & Dariya from Moskow, Lady Emz from Barcelona, as well as Mr. Confuse himself, with represses of his first two albums. The label focuses on a mixture of soulful musical artists in general and on keeping vinyl alive. In 2016 Confunktion Records released album “Hellnova” by Mr. Confuse‘s alter ego Sans Soleil, a jazzed out and progressive beat affair to be filed under nu jazz, broken beat, downbeat, DnB.

October 2018 will see the release of “Only A Man”, the fifth studio album by Mr. Confuse, and the first under his original name on his own label. This album is a very personal one that explores the depths of Mr. Confuse and the man behind the music. From well-known soul topics of love and hate to social issues of modern life – this full-length is all about an odyssey through time, rhythm and music.


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